B. Duncan Moench, PhD

Leadership Mentoring

The final test of a leader is that he leaves behind him in other men the conviction, and the will, to carry on.

-Walter Lippmann

No matter what their field or interests, ambitious and talented individuals require practical, step-by-step advice for how to tackle difficult problems—both in the workplace and the wider world. Coaching and mentoring can help take your career through a rough path or avoid the rough path all together. 

Mentoring and coaching, though, differ. Coaching focuses more on short term goals, a limited situation, and strategies for success in a specific environment. Whereas, mentoring targets strategies for the long term that help you build better habits, avoid problems on the horizon, and develop tools for addressing conflicts or misunderstandings before they balloon out of control. I offer both (mentoring and coaching). 

You can schedule mentoring or coaching sessions—it’s fine for the two to overlap or be unsure what you need—at your own convenience. There’s no need for a “package” deal. You determine the timeline, frequency, and your level of need. At this point, due to the pandemic, no in person services are offered. Should your means be limited, I offer a sliding scale. All services are virtual. For more information and rates, please email me at dmoench at gmail dot com with the subject line “mentoring.” I look forward to hearing from you.